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union and the first russia. he died on march 19 at the age of 95. he held several other positions and politics, including democratic chairman and special trade representative. wethe national cathedral, heard from former secretary of state james baker and vernon jordan. this is about half an hour. >> we gather this morning and god's house to remember robert strauss. you know, ladies and gentlemen, some politics to a team like power. others because politics provides them with the opportunity to implement policy. still others are drawn to that bloodsport just for the pleasure of living in a world of adrenaline fed entry. and then there was bob strauss. heart scramble of west, texas. of depression era general store owners got into politics. policy, and the pleasure, and for many other reasons as well. in thened his craft brass knuckle world of texas politics. he became the very shrewdest of political operators. a powerbroker with few peers. an adroit diplomat who could be trusted during critical points in america's history. but most importantly, bob strauss was and he remains a symbol
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2 (some duplicates have been removed)